Smart cities research

Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research

Governance, engagement and citizenship in the smart city (as at April 2017)

The Centre’s research in relation to smart cities has a number of interrelated strands:

  • As part of the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures, we conducted a comparative study of the governance of leading smart cities in England. Some of this work has been presented at conferences (see Out and About page) and is currently being written up.
  • We worked on a small project entitled Digital engagement and citizenship in the smart city, funded by UKCRIC
  • We conducted an evaluation of the Bristol-Guangzhou Smart Cities Collaborative Pilot, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • We are working on ways to conceptualise digital citizenship from a social policy perspective
  • We are exploring the ways in which the move to digital governance is affecting social policy in the European context.

I am leading on, or involved in, all of these activities. I’m working with my colleagues Patricia Kennett, Aksel Ersoy and Llorenc O’Prey.

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