Fotolia_38544983_XS-300x300I have been blogging on politics, economics and current affairs since mid-2010.

The piece that started me on the blogging trail, but which didn’t appear anywhere very high profile, was:

I now blog on a number of different platforms, but my posts are all brought together on my blog at

I have put together six themed collections of my blog posts:

  • Marginal Notes: Offline essays on economics and policy
  • Travels through Coalitionland: Notes of disquiet and dissent
  • The policy con is on: welfare and workfare in Cameron’s Britain
  • The problem of housing supply
  • Economics after the crash
  • Making the case for housing

You can view and download them here.

I was a contributor at Dale & Co, the current affairs megablog, during 2011 and 2012. Dale & Co was voted 9th in the ranking of top political blogs at the 2011 Total Politics Blog awards.

I have also posted at Liberal Democrat Voice, Guardian Housing Network, LSE British Politics & Policy, LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog, The Conversation UK, The Policy Press blog, Democratic Audit, PolicyBristol blog.

My posts have been reblogged to sites such as Guerilla Policy, Pieria, and the Public Finance blog.

Since the summer of 2012 my blog has been consistently among the top 100 UK politics blogs in the teads (ebuzzing as was) monthly ranking.

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